To understand the logic and reason behind graffiti’s gain  in popularity is relatively quiet complicated. To some, graffiti is simply about getting ones’ name out on the streets.  Writers with this mentality are mainly concerned with fame and not  artistic expression (Kramer, 2010).

Tags are the most common form of graffiti writing.  Tags can be found on almost any available space and are the stylized representation of an artists name. According to Michael Ralph in his article about hip hop, graffiti is not solely about tagging. Some graffiti writers develop tags into full murals and adhere to developed art terms (Ralph, 2009).

Pieces are tags that have turned into what many people would consider art ( Ralph, 2009). Pieces play on the concept of murals and tend to have more depth, color, purpose, and also include a variety of images. Unfortunately, in order for graffiti writers to develop  talent,  hundreds of tags must be made in order to perfect line and form ( Ralph, 2009). Tagging is actually an essential component of creating graffiti pieces.

My reaction towards graffiti differs depending on where it is. The city of Prague, which is very old, has layers upon layers of history and is home to perfectly intact architecture that is hundreds of years old. It is a shame to see this historical city littered with graffiti.

Our group has been in Prague for roughly one week and  I am amazed by the amount of graffiti on commemorated buildings. It is one thing to see tags on a telephone posts, buses, or even on relatively new buildings. For some reason, however, I can’t believe that someone would put a tag on a building that is hundreds of years old and holds historical importance.

This tag was found on Charles Bridge in Prague. Charles bridge construction started in 1357.

Photo by Leah Heiser. This tag was found on Charles Bridge in Prague. Charles bridge construction started in 1357.

After informing my family I was accepted into this program, almost every aunt, uncle, and grandparent told me that Prague was known to be one of the most beautiful cities in all of Europe.

I expected there to be graffiti in Prague, however, not on historical buildings. I was initially overwhelmed by the amount of tags on Prague’s architecture. Prague’s architecture is some of the city’s best examples of art work. To me, it seems very disrespectful to mark such important buildings with graffiti.

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