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Prague Alive: Creating an Idealized Entertainment Reporting Platform for Students in the Czech Republic and United States

 by Kathryn Coduto

In the last twenty years, entertainment reporting in both the United States and the Czech Republic has experienced considerable changes. While the United States has seen a growth in online entertainment reporting, especially with blogs, the Czech Republic is developing entertainment reporting in a different way. Many of the country’s publications are only beginning to find their footing, and some are finding it in a time that is difficult for all media.

Entertainment writers in the United States are finding ways to overcome the challenges of a declining print media by blogging and posting their opinions online. In the Czech Republic, there is a different desire for entertainment: The Czech people want to read about their own entertainers. The opinions they want are on their own musicians, artists, and filmmakers.

Both countries have consumers who want to read about music and movies; both countries have readers who care about reviews as much as news updates in their entertainment. However, when it comes to the kind of exposure these readers want and how they internalize it, the differences between these two countries truly become apparent.

Prague Alive- Creating an Idealized Entertainment Reporting Platform (the paper)



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