One of the first things I noticed when I first arrived in Prague was that the greenery was very similar to that of Ohio. I was shocked to see flowers and shrubs that I grow in my own garden. As we rode the bus into the city, I saw annuals such as geraniums, petunias, begonias, and more!

The United States Department of Agriculture provides a map for plant hardiness. Ohio’s planting and hardiness zone is currently six and after investigating the planting zone of the Czech Republic, I discovered that it was five.  The climate zone of the Czech Republic and Ohio are surprisingly similar.

Flowers may seem to many like a trivial subject. For horticultural enthusiasts, however, observing plants that are similar to those in one’s own country can be simultaneously surprising and comforting.   I have never been to Europe before. I think I was expecting everything to be new and different and for the most part it is. Being able to identify most of the plants growing around the city of Prague was not something I expected on my journey.

After researching the hardiness zones of Prague and Ohio, it now seems like I should have known that the plants grown in these two places would be similar. In a city that is vastly different from the one I live in, I find comfort in the familiarity that the flowers of this city have to offer.

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